A master planned agricultural community & campus

Richmond, CA
Contra Costa County

PowerPlant Park's DIRECT TO CONSUMER SALES AVENUES protect the Tenants from the volatile wholesale cannabis market



Get your piece of CAs $50b industry!

The Opportunity

Only Project Of Its Kind In The World

We currently have 28 of 44 sites available!

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  • Campus located on 2,200 ft. of the San Francisco Bay
  • 44 Tier 2 indoor mixed-light greenhouses, (same footprint as indoor)
  • 1,144 plant-sites per Unit
  • 2000 lbs. of ultra-premium flower per year
  • Annual wholesale crop value of $3.6M per building
  • State-of-the-art processing & manufacturing & packaging facilities
  • 2nd Gen tissue culture genetics in partnership w/Dark Heart Nursery
  • Exclusive genetics from CA top breeders
  • Model greenhouse, (testing new technologies)
  • 2 extraction labs, (hydrocarbon & cold ethanol), edibles kitchen
  • Custom preroll assembly lab
  • Compliant packaging, fulfillment and branding services
  • Waterfront restaurant
  • San Francisco Bay Trail access
  • Solar powered by Q-4, 2023, (off grid by Q-2, 2024)
  • Statewide wholesale and retail distribution, (presold contracts)

Tenant Investor Model

  • Greenhouse Purchase: $700,000; $350,000 upon execution of Agreements plus 6 payments of $58,333 months 2-7 during construction, (interest free)
  • Upon payment in full tenant receive legal title to building and all its contents
  • PowerPlant Park leases structural pad from Divine Development Group and Greenhouse from tenant-investor through a Second Sublease Agreement, removing any direct involvement in operations and licensing by the tenant-investor
  • PowerPlant Park manages all production, wholesale, and retail distribution
  • Under the Second Sublease, PowerPlant Park pays quarterly rent to tenant-investor of $125,000.  Quarterly rent begins 90 days after Certificate of Occupancy
  • Purchase can be documented to qualify for a 1031 exchange

Tenant Grower Model

  • Greenhouse Purchase: $700,000, $350,000 upon execution of Agreements plus 6 payments of $58,333 months 2-7 during construction, (interest free)
  • Tenant acquires State License w/PPP
  • Rental Rate: $5 per sq. ft. includes all utilities, security, maintenance, only monthly expense is power
  • CAM Fees: included in monthly rent
  • Term: 5-year initial term, with 3 five-year renewal options
  • 1st, last and security deposit: due upon lease execution
  • Crop Purchase Agreement: tenant-grower has option to enter into an agreement whereby PowerPlant Park sells tenant harvest Tenant receives 75% if sold wholesale and $2,700 per lb. in sold retrial. PowerPlant Park expects to sell 80% of all production retail
  • Tenant may sublease Unit upon PowerPlant Parks approval of subtenant and terms

PowerPlant Parks restaurant & town hall, (as part of Phase I) will include many additional amenities, including a real estate & leasing office, Park engineer, plumber, electrician and maintenance staff, MMJ insurance office and state/local compliance advisory expert. The town hall will include a full-service multi-media board room, small offices and an off-site employee training center in conjunction with Green Flower Media, (Certifications) and the City of Richmond, RichmondWORKS.

GreenhousesEnhanced Amenities

As a leader in the horticulture industry for 50 years, Nexus of Colorado has mastered the design and build of hybrid indoor mixed-light technology. Buildings are custom designed based on the project’s geographic location and are fully integrated with all internal systems managed through a dashboard on your tablet or phone.  PowerPlant Park has made significant upgrades to roof panels, feeding management, lighting, environmental control, rolling benches, pest/odor control and more, resulting in a growing environment and approach we believe unrivaled in the State.

Each Unit is home to 1,144 plant-sites producing approximately 1,725 pounds of ultra-premium flower per year. More specifically upgrades and additions were made to the following systems:

  • Polycarbonate glass roof
  • Ubiquitous Quantum Dots, (sunlight enhancement, spectrum optimization) http://www.ubigro.com Film that converts sunlight into red-orange spectrum light that plants crave when flowering. The light, (over 50 non-bias studies) increased yields by an average of 16%
  • Greenhouse interior systems design/integration
  • LED lighting, custom bloom-array designed by Fluence
  • Multiple irrigation system options
  • Feeding management
  • Environmental control
  • Reverse osmosis water purification
  • 485 sq. ft. interior work corridor
  • Clean and dirty room, UV light
  • Structural foundation, complete greenhouse construction
  • Securing Certificate of Occupancy
  • Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing installation
  • Supplemental LED lighting provided by Fluence
  • Automated nutrient dozer
  • In-canopy, manifold driven C02 infusion
  • Heating and evaporative cooling systems
  • Trough and gutter irrigation system, rolling benches
  • Automated light-deprivation
  • Air handling and mixing, (in separate work corridor)
  • Pest prevention, odor control, circulation fans
  • Wireless control, from tablet with PowerPlant Park installed dashboard to manage all internal systems, (including control of the light spectrum during bloom cycle)

Other Greenhouse Ammenities

  • 36’ x 96’ “Vail 420” greenhouse shell encompassing 3,024 s.f. of cultivation area plus 432 s.f. of work corridor/air-plenum.
  • A Solar Soft Max roof covering of corrugated polycarbonate with high-light transmittance and high-diffusion properties.
  • Metal side and end walls, 29 gauge corrugated metal.
  • One 3’ x 7’ steel insulated man-door plus two 6’ x 7’ insulated double doors.
  • End-wall gable vent with automated VC100A vent motor.
  • Three vertical air-flow fans by Vostermans for “through canopy” air circulation.
  • Two Coolair exhaust fans for below-curtain cooling plus one Coolair peak exhaust fan for above-curtain dehumidification.
  • Accordion insect screen over air-intake vent.
  • FogCo odor-mitigation system for all exhaust fans.
  • Thirteen 5.5’ x 32’ rolling benches with bench top and through-gutter systems.
  • Netafrim dip system supplying four row grow zones plus Dosatron manual-nutrient delivery system or upgrade to fully automated system by H. E. Anderson.
  • 750 gallon fresh-water storage tank providing two-day capacity.
  • Fully automated light-deprivation system including triple-layered blackout curtain.
  • Two Lennox heaters (LF24E-300S) for temperature control in main grow zone plus one heater (LF24E-145S) for air plenum (also used for additional wintertime dehumidification).
  • Fully automated, cloud-based SEED Environmental Controller.
  • 55 custom LED bloom arrays of the O6i by Fohse, which provides 1200W of supplemental light designed specifically for hybrid indoor mixed-light greenhouses
  • The O6i packs more photons into each footprint than any other greenhouse light on the market and is paired with a spectral distribution ideal for complimenting natural sunlight
  • Lighting Includes wireless control system to adjust intensity photoperiod and spectrum-bundled with ‘Light Harvesting’ sensors that measure the natural light in your greenhouse. The O6i with Light-Harvesting can self-adjust in increments as little as 1% in real-time based on the ever-changing light conditions in the greenhouse. Learn more about Fohse with the links below:
  • 1,144 “teens” are in place atop rolling benches ready to begin the bloom cycle.
  • State of the art in canopy CO2 infusion and enrichment system, a turnkey carbonation service.
  • Turnkey state of the art steel/glass mixed light hybrid greenhouse, complete with Lumigrow LED supplemental lighting and through and gutter irrigation & automated light-deprivation system
  • 24-hour on-site security, including drone system, front guard-gate and sensor security fencing around entire property
  • City/state permits and licenses managed by PowerPlant Park with assistance from our legal counsel through to issuance of tenants certificate of occupancy and state license
  • State compliant camera viewing system installed in tenant greenhouse, with 24-hour viewing from any mobile device
  • 40 hours of professional consulting with PowerPlant’s master growers, scientists, and other on-staff industry professionals
  • 24-hour access to PowerPlant Park restaurant and conference center, including office space, phone lockers, boardroom, kitchen, large decks, unobstructed panoramic views to San Francisco Bay, Mount Tamalpais, and Marin County Mountains
  • Access to PowerPlant’s state-wide caregiver network, including product sales and strain selection
  • Access to portable testing equipment for THC, CBD, moisture levels, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides

Located in Contra Costa County, the Park is situated on 2,200 ft. of Richmond’s North Shoreline w/stunning unobstructed views of Mount Tamalpias, San Francisco Bay and the Marin County Mountains

  • PowerPlant manages production, processing & distribution, (wholesale/retail). Tenants are guaranteed $2,700 per lb. once medicine is sold at retail, 25% fee if sold wholesale
  • Estimated gross revenues are $3.8MM, with net revenues forecasted between $1.4MM and $1.8MM
  • Each greenhouses will produce six harvests per year in a bloom-only rotation. All young plants, (clones/teens) are raised in our state of-the-art off-site nursery

The Future

"Powerplant Park could make Richmond The Cannabis Capital of Contra Costa County"

During these challenging times, the cannabis industry in California has seen sales gains unlike any year since legalization. Many craft-growers are deciding to go legal, considering the challenges of conducting business in an increasingly dangerous black-market. With hundreds of thousands of outdoor and hoop-house grown plants taken offline by recent wildfires, many growers and large farms are now deciding to move operations indoors. 

PowerPlant Park’s has designed & engineered its 59 mixed-light hybrid greenhouses to produce the highest grade of cannabis flowers and extracted products in the State of California. Manufactured by Nexus of Colorado, (the premier provider of hybrid greenhouses), each unit built of glass & steel encompassing the latest technology in lighting, irrigation, environmental control, CO2 infusion, pest mitigation and feeding management.


"A turnkey marijuana production campus is breaking ground in the east bay"

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"The city of Richmond could see hundreds of new jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue for the City"

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Many multistate brands desiring to expand and enter the lucrative California market can simply lease space at PowerPlant Park and instantly replicate operations.  Taking advantage of our state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing facilities, statewide retail/wholesale distribution, including seed to sale tracking and compliant branding/packaging. Canna-investors will find the Park an easy way to invest at arm’s length with substantial ROI.

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